In the News: Around 80% of Schizophrenia Risk is Genetic, Saunas May Be Good for Blood Pressure, New Gadget Can Measure Calories in 10 Seconds

Around 80% of schizophrenia risk is genetic. According to new research from the University of Copenhagen in Denmark, almost 80 percent of the chance of having schizophrenia comes down to your genes. When looking into conditions that fall along the schizophrenia spectrum, the heritability rate was also high, at around 73 percent. These findings are particularly important as many scientists are trying to identify the genes linked to this disease and these results may aid in finding new treatment approaches. Want to learn more about schizophrenia? Check out these facts. (MD)

Saunas may be good for blood pressure. A study out of Finland has found that routine visits to the sauna may have a positive impact on blood pressure. Published in the American Journal of Hypertension, this study included 1,621 middle-aged men with average blood pressure who were studied over 25 years. Of this group, 251 participants developed hypertension at some point during the observation period. The group that had two to three sauna sessions weekly was 24 percent less likely to develop hypertension, compared to the group who had one or fewer sauna visits weekly. While this study does not conclusively link sauna usage with a lowered risk of high blood pressure, there are several facts that may be in play. The warm temperatures may improve blood flow, the relaxing experience can help reduce stress and moderate blood pressure, and sweating is a natural diuretic, which is an effective form of hypertension treatment. Click here to learn which foods to avoid if you have high blood pressure. (NYT)

A new gadget can measure calories in 10 seconds. For so many of us who want to count calories when we’re out and about, we have to rely on apps that often have inaccurate counts and a lacking database of foods to choose from. With the advent of the CaloRieco created by Japanese electronics conglomerate Panasonic, the tide may soon be turning. To determine the caloric profile of your meal, you just stick the plate of food inside the device, push a button on the lid, and within just 10 seconds you will receive all the info you need.  This device can connect to the cloud via Wi-Fi so you can sync up the data to the counter’s associated app. While it’s not yet clear when this will be released in stores and how much it will cost, if interest is high it will likely make its way to the market soon. (M)