In the News: Babies Sleep Longer Independently, Treadmill Workouts Not as Effective as Running Outdoors, Pets Boost Health in Six Ways

Babies sleep longer independently. A new study that took 230 first-time mothers’ accounts into consideration, has found that babies sleep better when they’re in their own rooms, and sleep for shorter periods when sharing a room with their parents.  At four months in particular, babies who slept by themselves had around 45 minutes of uninterrupted sleep, and at nine months, they slept 40 minutes more during the night and around 20 minutes more throughout the whole day. By 12 months these differences were less noticeable but when researchers revisited these children at 2 1/2 years of age, they found that the ones who were independently sleeping at nine months were now sleeping 45 minutes more every night. Dealing with a fussy little one at home? Here is the best way to hold a crying baby. (CNN)

Treadmill workouts not as effective as running outside. While using a treadmill offers so much convenience and ease, studies have found that it may not be as effective as running outdoors. French and Italian researchers studied 15 males in their early 20s who did interval training on the treadmill and the track and they found that the track group exerted themselves more and that the treadmill group would have to run 15 percent harder to match the track runners. Wondering why this is the case? The team suggests that the treadmill belt actually gives users a boost in energy and they don’t have the same assist when running on natural terrain.  Ready to jump back into a workout routine? Give these exercises a try. (MH)

Pets boost health in six ways. It’s no surprise that pets are a great addition to any home, but it turns out there are actually six key reasons why. Studies have shown that pet owners have a lowered risk of allergies (since exposure to animals can build up a tolerance), reduced anxiety and stress, better heart health (thanks to lowered blood pressure and cholesterol levels), stronger relationships and social skills, improved mental health, and even better sleep quality (due to the relaxation, security, and comfort of sharing a bed with your pet). Recently brought home a pet? Here is what you need to know about their food. (MN)