In the News: Exercise May Offset ‘Fat Gene’, Sickness Odor Sensor in the Works, Emma Stone Talks About Her Anxiety

Exercise may offset ‘fat gene’. While it is well known that genetics play a role in weight gain, researchers have discovered that there are ways to fight your genetic code and lose weight after all. The University of Copenhagen, along with the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, and several other participants analyzed 60 previous genetic studies to determine if working out could reverse the genetic likelihood of weight gain. After screening for 2.5 million genetic variations in over 200,000 adults, they discovered that people with the FTO gene (the gene that predisposes you to weight gain), could fight this effect and stay healthy with consistent exercise. Want to learn how to eat your way to super genes? Check out this food list. (ABC)

Sickness odor sensor in the works. After Mr. Boyle, an electronics engineer, watched his wife pass away due to colon cancer in 2014, he began focusing on cancer detection through the power of scent. His company, Owlstone has so far raised $23.5 million to allow clinicians to work with their odor analysis technology. This sensor, which is made out of metal layers, gold electrodes, and silicon, functions as a chemical filter. By changing the software in this device, users will be able to change which disease they want to detect. This device can eventually change the medical landscape, allowing physicians to spot cancer and other conditions in patients early enough to treat these illnesses before they become fatal. (NYT)

Emma Stone talks about her anxiety. Emma Stone recently spoke out about her anxiety in a video for the Child Mind Institute, detailing which methods helped her cope with her symptoms. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) in particular, has helped her replace a lot of negative thinking with a more positive way of looking at life. Research has shown that CBT methods are very helpful in training the brain to replace stressful thought patterns with healthier ones. Tired of feeling anxious? Here are four ways to reduce your anxiety right away. (HUFFPO)