In the News: Fish May Reduce Arthritis Symptoms, Trouble Concentrating Linked to Excessive Drinking, Tick Bites May Cause Meat Allergy

Eating fish may reduce arthritis symptoms. A study of 176 participants had found that eating fish may cut down in rheumatoid arthritis symptoms such as painful joint inflammation. Researchers divided members into two groups based on their diets: ranging from those who eat fish less than once a month, and those who eat fish more than twice a week. After factoring in lifestyle habits, fish oil supplement consumption, sex, BMI, and race, they discovered that the disease symptoms lessened in those who ate fish most frequently. As it turns out certain types of fish can actually benefit your mental and physical health in more ways than one. Check out why eating fish once a week can also give you a brain boost. (NYT)

Trouble concentrating may be linked to excessive drinking. Do you notice it’s hard to concentrate and you often lose your train of thought? Research suggests that these struggles may be linked to excessive alcohol and drug use. This study is the first of its kind to analyze the link between attention issues and binge drinking, as well as opioid, cocaine, marijuana, tranquilizer, and stimulant use in those are who are 18 and up. Researchers at Columbia University also point out that these concentration problems are not solely specific to drug and alcohol users but reflect a larger issue present in today’s population. Want to cut back on your drinking? Here is how to start. (SD)

Tick bites may cause meat allergy. With tick bites becoming more prevalent throughout the summer months, there is now an increased chance of developing an allergic reaction to meat of all things. Alpha-Gal, which stands for galactose-alpha-1, 3-galactose, is a sugar molecule that spreads in the body from a Lone Star tick bite. This tick is dubbed Lone Star thanks to the resemblance of the state of Texas on its back. If you are bitten by this type of tick and it has mammal blood in its system, it can completely change your immune system, causing an allergic reaction to meat that you’ve never had before. Unfortunately, many people are not aware they have this new allergy until they eat meat or take medication that has animal gelatin in it. Another more well-known side-effect of tick bites is Lyme disease, which carries its own set of risks and dangers. Here are the facts you need to know. (NATGEO)