In the News: Fried Potatoes Linked to Mortality, EpiPen Rival Gets FDA Approval, Marijuana May Treat Period Pain

Fried potatoes may increase risk of death. French fry lovers may have cause for concern: a recent study has found that eating fried potatoes two or more times weekly can double the likelihood of early death, compared with people who don’t consume fried potatoes on a regular basis. On the other hand, potatoes that are not fried during preparation seem to have no bearing on early mortality. With fried potato consumption increasing annually, scientists have been looking for the cause of this alarming link. It appears that trans fats are to blame, as this type of fat raises the bad type of cholesterol, also known as “LDL” in the blood. When LDL levels get too high, it can lead to heart disease, which explains the increased risk of death. Other factors in play include being obese, leading a sedentary lifestyle, and consuming too much sodium. Need to lower your cholesterol? Add these foods to your shopping cart. (CNN)

Epipen’s cheaper rival gets FDA approval. Mylan, the company responsible for EpiPens, the emergency medication for allergy sufferers, recently came under fire for charging outlandish amounts of money for this life-saving product. While this medication was once $94 back in 2007, after Mylan acquired it, the price shot up to $608 dollars in 2016. These syringes require annual replacement, which only lends itself to more financial burdens. Luckily, a San Diego company called Adamis has come up with a competing product that is more affordable, easier to use, and more convenient to carry around. While they are still looking for distributors which will determine the price, it is expected to be more affordable which is an exciting development for allergy-sufferers across the country. Could you have an allergy without knowing it? Watch this clip to find out. (ABC)

Marijuana may treat period pain. According to recent reports, New York legislators are set to approve marijuana for the treatment of menstrual pain. Period cramps, which are caused by prostaglandins that cause muscle cramps can be treated by oral contraceptives and anti-inflammatory medication, but more and more people are beginning to look for natural alternatives to treat their suffering. In Colorado and California, marijuana tampons have been found to be potentially effective in reducing pain, by blocking the nerves that alert your brain to pain. While it’s not fully clear yet if marijuana will be an effective treatment for cramps, it’s an exciting development nonetheless. Suffering from cramps? Find out what your period reveals about your health. (GUARDIAN)