In the News: Google Encourages Plant-Based Eating, Instagram Feed May Reveal Signs of Depression, Doing Puzzles Can Shave 10 Years Off Your Brain

Google encourages employees to adopt a plant-based diet. Google, a company that has never shied away from taking on environmental issues like pollution and deforestation is now taking a stand against meat. In an effort to reduce their carbon footprint, Google is serving less beef in the employee cafeterias these days. In order to replace animal protein but keep the meals filling and delicious for their employees, they will be relying on nuts, grains, and legumes to create tasty meals. Some popular dishes include an award-winning vegan taco, quinoa dishes, and mushroom burgers. Want to try a plant-based diet? Give the 21-Day Weight Loss Breakthrough a try. (MH)

Your Instagram feed may reveal if you’re depressed. Using a special computer program that analyzed Instagram, researchers found it could diagnose depression in users with remarkable accuracy. Depending on which filter Instagram users chose, how many likes a photo received, and whether a filter was used at all, researchers were able to determine who may be depressed. Using the “Inkwell” filter or not using filters at all, receiving very few likes, posting photos of faces (but only a few), and choosing blue, gray, or generally dark color schemes for the photos all pointed to mental illness. Watch this clip to learn more if Instagram can cause loneliness as well. (ABC)

Doing crossword puzzles can help maintain brain health. Researchers have found crossword puzzles can help people 50 and older maintain a young and sharp brain. Researchers from University of Exeter and Kings College London analyzed 17,000 people to determine if certain activities improve brain health and found that doing puzzles can increase the accuracy of short-term memories and the ability to solve grammatical issues quickly. They discovered that regularly working on puzzles can help the brain operate as though it’s 10 years younger. Want to give your brain a boost? Try these four hacks. (HL)