In the News: iPhone Will Soon Block Texts for Drivers, Staying Up Late on Weekends May Be Harmful, Dancing Is Good for the Brain

iPhone will soon block texts for drivers. If you are one of so many people who are guilty of checking their texts while driving, this habit may soon become a thing of the past. As part of iOS 11, Apple will release a “Do Not Disturb While Driving” feature. When your car is moving or your phone is plugged in via cable or connected via Bluetooth, text messages and other updates will be blocked and your phone screen will be locked. If someone reaches out to you while you’re on the road, the phone can send an automated message to let them know you’re driving and can’t get back to them at the moment. With so many fatalities taking place due to distracted drivers, this new feature should greatly improve the safety of everyone on the road.  (CNN)

Staying up late on weekends may be harmful. For so many of us, the weekend is the time to catch up on socializing and postpone our usual bedtimes. This tendency to stay up late and wake up later than usual is known as “social jet lag”, and researchers have found that it may negatively impact our health. A new study, conducted by Michael A. Grandner, PH.D., director of the Sleep and Health Research Program at the University of Arizona in Tucson, found that social jet lag was linked to bad mood, fatigue, sleepiness, and overall worsening health. Most alarmingly, researchers found that with each passing hour, there was an 11.1% increased chance of heart disease. Want to improve your sleep routine? Try these five simple steps. (MN)

Dancing is good for the brain. We already know that dancing is a great form of exercise, but it turns out the benefits extend far beyond just the physical. Research has shown that dancing can improve memory in adults ranging from 60-80 years old, provide a mental escape where the brain can power down and relax, improve cognitive flexibility (something that normally declines with age), increase balance and coordination skills, and even promote creativity as well. Want to find out how to dance off the pounds? Watch this video. (CNN)