In the News: Late Retirement Has Pros and Cons, Instagram Launches #HereForYou Campaign, Summer Activities With Highest Calorie Burn Revealed

Late retirement has pros and cons. While conventional wisdom states that we should slow down and prepare for retirement once we hit our 60s-70s, research seems to point to an opposite trend. As it turns out, it may actually be benefit our mental and physical health to adhere to a routine and continue going to the office. At the start of a retirement, studies have found that people experience a “honeymoon phase” where they go off on vacation, spend time with loved ones, and soak up the opportunity to sleep in and kick back. However after some time that feeling dissipates and restlessness sets in. The study points out that the benefits of working late in life are visible in those who choose to rather than those who are forced to for financial reasons. To ensure you can retire comfortably when the time comes, give your finances an annual check up. (CNN)

Instagram launches #HereForYou campaign. Since social media platforms are all too often treated as highlight reels for users who want to show off the best aspects of their day, it’s important to also leave room for the less glamorous aspects of life and address issues like depression, eating disorders, anxiety and other health problems that plague so many users daily. To that end, Instagram has launched the #HereForYou campaign which encourages users to share their struggles with others, start a meaningful conversation, and support one another. Learn more about mental health here. (ABC)

Summer activities with the highest calorie burn revealed. If you are looking forward to getting active now that the summer weather is here, there are specific workouts that can benefit you more than others. Reader’s Digest has rounded up their top picks for major calorie burn activities, and they include: rock climbing, walking or running on the beach, canoeing, biking, ultimate frisbee, scuba diving, horseback riding, paddle-boarding, hiking, skating, kayaking, and surfing. The best part about all these workouts: they are so fun you won’t even notice you’re breaking a sweat. For more inspiration, check out Dr. Oz’s favorite summer workouts. (RD)