In the News: Marriage May Improve Heart Health, Music Therapy May Benefit Cancer Patients, 40% of Americans Are Obese

Marriage may improve heart health. According to a new 16-year study published in the Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health, participants in happy marriages tended to maintain a healthier weight and lower cholesterol. Researchers measured the high and low points in marriages and compared these findings to the heart health of participants. They found that men who claimed their marriages improved over the years had lower LDL and healthy weight, whereas men with worsening relationships had higher blood pressure, a factor that could seriously influence heart health. While there is still a lot of grey area when it comes to this connection, but this research does seem to suggest that a happy home makes for a happy heart. Want to keep your heart healthy? Stock up on these foods. (T)

Music therapy may benefit cancer patients. New York’s Mount Sinai Beth Israel hospital has turned to a new approach in keeping cancer patients less anxious and stressed. Personalizing playlists with different genres for each patient, music therapists play songs to soothe worried minds, especially when they enter the radiation room. One patient, Julia Newmark, relied on this therapy during her treatments and though she is now cancer-free, continues the therapy weekly to stay calm and prevent insomnia. When studying the effects of music therapy on cancer patients, researchers found that stress can drop by at least 20 percent, making it a very beneficial part of any treatment program. (CBS)

Forty percent of Americans are obese. In recent years America has been going through an obesity epidemic, with more and more adults and children qualifying as obese than ever before. According to the latest figures, based on a survey from 2015-2016, the problem is only growing, as there are nearly 40% of American adults qualifying as obese and 19% of younger people as well. Despite efforts to combat this problem such as providing calorie counts at restaurants and cafes, offering healthier alternatives, and adding fruits and veggies to fast food menus, this trend continues to stay alarmingly high. According to this data, the middle-aged segment of the population is the most likely to become obese. Want to get a handle on your weight? Try the 21-Day Weight Loss Breakthrough diet. (T)