In the News: New Obesity Gene May Impact African-Americans, Certain Foods May Help a Hangover, Tia Mowry Opens Up About Endometriosis

New obesity gene may impact African-Americans. Researches conducted a 1,500 participant study in Nigeria and found a genetic mutation known as SEMA4D that may be responsible for weight gain. They found that over 55% of people with this mutation were obese. Over two-thirds of Americans and nearly half of the African-American population are overweight or obese so it’s more important now than ever before to find out how this mutation causes weight gain and what can be done to prevent the number on the scale from growing. Looking to shed some pounds? Try the 21-Day Weight Loss Breakthrough Diet. (NBC)

Certain foods may help ease a hangover. Did you know that around 76% of adults experience hangovers? Whether you’ve experienced a miserable hangover before or you hope to prevent one in the future, the key is moderation. If you do wake up one morning after having one too many and need some relief, look for foods rich in vitamin A, vitamin B, zinc and potassium. Make sure to drink plenty of water and stick to foods like eggs, avocados, bananas, sweet potatoes, and yellow veggies. You can also try drinking coconut water, which is a healthier form of electrolyte-rich sports drinks and will help you feel better in no time. For more ideas, here are 11 foolproof hangover cures. (CNN)

Tia Mowry opens up about endometriosis. In a recent interview, Tia Mowry, one half of the famous Sister, Sister duo, spoke out about having painful endometriosis for years. When she was in her mid-20s, she had several surgeries to treat the condition, but the scar tissue kept returning and the symptoms didn’t go away. Eventually, her doctor told her that if she wanted to have children one day she had to change her diet, specifically cutting out dairy and sugar. As soon as she started eating healthier, her symptoms went away and she was able to conceive. Are you looking to cut back on sugar? Try Dr. Oz’s detox plan. (YAHOO)