In the News: Nighttime Bathroom Trips Linked to Salt, Tetris Can Reduce PTSD Onset, Six Healthy Foods Loaded With Secret Sugars

Nighttime bathroom trips linked to salt intake. A recent study has found that people over the age of 60 who wake up in the middle of the night to urinate may need to reduce the amount of salt they consume. Researchers from Nagasaki University monitored 300 volunteers and found that reduced salt intake lowered bathroom trips from twice a night to just once. In the study, 98 people also ate more salt than normal and their bathroom trips increased significantly. While it’s not clear what is causing this connection, researchers think it may be tied into the prostate gland. Here is the plan to break up with salt. (BBC)

Playing Tetris can reduce PTSD onset after traumatic incident. A new study has found that playing Tetris a few hours after going through a car accident or any other traumatic incident can help people cope. The reason PTSD affects the brain so significantly is that one continues visualizing the event over and over again until thebrain stores it away forever. By playing a game like Tetris, that requires you to pay attention and think creatively, it stops your brain from replaying the trauma because it can’t do both tasks at once. (CNN)

Six healthy foods are secretly packed with sugar.  Experts have found that healthy foods like yogurt, granola, health bars, fresh-pressed juice, packaged fruit and vegetables, and low-fat salad dressings can all hide extra sugars. Check the ingredient list carefully to be extra sure, and look for healthier alternatives the next time you go shopping. For yogurt, stick to Greek yogurt or kefir with no added fruit toppings, eat fruits naturally instead of opting for juices, and stick to olive oil and vinegar instead of low-fat dressings since those tend to have sugary substitutes. Find out if you’re unknowingly eating too much sugar. (FOXNEWS)