In the News: Prince William and Lady Gaga Tackle Mental Health Issues; Running May Be Contagious; High-Fat, High-Carb Diet Linked to Arthritis

Prince William and Lady Gaga tackle mental health issues. In a video posted on the Royal Family’s official Facebook page, Prince William FaceTimed with Lady Gaga to discuss mental health awareness and stigmas. The two have joined forces to promote the Heads Together charity, which was created by William, Harry, and Kate. Gaga, who has been vocal about her PTSD diagnosis, discussed the importance of speaking up when it comes depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues. William added that mental health should be treated like physical health, something we can openly work on and talk about with our peers. If you want to learn more about mental health issues, you can find resources here. (NBC)

Running may be socially contagious. If you have ever found yourself walking on the treadmill next to somebody who is sprinting, only to decide that you must start running too, you are not alone. A new study, conducted by researchers at MIT’s Sloan School of Management, have found that runners influence each other’s workouts, with friends running similar distances and mimicking one another. Gender played a role too, as researchers found that men ran faster when running with male friends, whereas females didn’t display a shift in speed when running with male companions. As Sinal Aral, a professor at M.I.T. stated, “The impacts go beyond correlation to causation. If you run more, it is likely you can cause your friends to run more.” If you’ve just started running, here are eight tips to help you along the way. (NYT)

High-fat, high-carb diet linked to arthritis. In case you need another reason to put down the junk food, researchers in Australia have discovered that a diet loaded with saturated fats is a key factor in the development of arthritis. While many of us associate diets full of fatty foods with heart disease, high cholesterol, and obesity, it turns out they also play a role in bone health as well. Researchers found that simple sugars and saturated fats actually weaken cartilage and affect the bone under the cartilage too. If you’re currently living with arthritis and suffering from joint pain, here is how to alleviate your discomfort(NEWSMAX)