In the News: Salmonella Outbreak Linked to Papayas, Dogs’ Social Behavior tied to Oxytocin, Lady Gaga Postpones Tour Due to Fibromyalgia

Salmonella outbreak linked to papayas. After 235 people have fallen ill across the United States, the CDC has determined that salmonella found in papayas from Mexico is the cause. Seventy-eight people have been hospitalized and two people have died from this outbreak. To stay safe, experts advise consumers to avoid Maradol papayas until the outbreak is under control. If you are infected, you may experience diarrhea, cramping, and fever, with symptoms typically lasting anywhere from four days to a week. The CDC also recommends avoiding papayas prepared at restaurants since it is unclear where they originated from. (CNN)

Dogs’ social behavior tied to oxytocin. A study out of Linköping University, Sweden has found that dogs’ desire to bond with their owners stems from a sensitivity to the hormone oxytocin. When investigating the evolution from wolf to domesticated dog, researchers studied the effect of oxytocin on their behavior patterns. After spraying the dogs with oxytocin and swabbing the hormone in their noses, they found that the animals became more willing to ask for help and reach for their owners in times of need. (SD)

Lady Gaga postpones tour due to fibromyalgia. Due to severe pain, Lady Gaga has had to postpone the European leg of her tour. After speaking out about her condition earlier this year, she has started an international conversation about this disease, raising awareness about the painful symptoms that plague around five million adults annually. Unlike regular aches and pains, fibromyalgia is caused by disordered sensory processing, causing pain signals to become intensified and impact muscles, joints, and ligaments.While anyone can be susceptible to this condition, around 80 to 90 percent of those diagnosed are adult females. If you want to learn more about this disease, here is what you need to know. (TIME)