In the News: Stress Harms Gut Health as Badly as Junk Food, Legal Marijuana is Saving Lives, Death Cleaning is the Newest Home Organization Trend

Stress may harm gut health as badly as junk food. While it’s no surprise that eating junk food can do a number on your gut, it turns out that stress can be just as harmful, particularly if you’re a woman. In a new study, researchers observed the changes in gut microbiota among female mice when stressed and found that the changes resembled that of a high-fat diet. When looking into the gut health of male mice under stress, no gut microbiota changes were found. The American Psychological Association states that 80 percent of people in the U.S. reported stress-related symptoms in the past month. With this condition becoming so prevalent in today’s day and age, it’s crucial to look into how stress impacts not only mental and emotional health but physical well-being too. Want to find out if you have a healthy gut? Take this short quiz. (MN)

Legal marijuana is saving lives in Colorado. According to new research reported in the American Journal of Public Health, Colorado has seen a reversal in opiate overdose deaths since the legalization of marijuana. Since marijuana is very effective at treating chronic pain conditions and it has zero chance of fatal overdose, a lot of patients are opting for marijuana over opiates. This trend may lead to other states legalizing marijuana and destigmatizing it overall. Since the opioid epidemic kills several thousand people annually, it may be worthwhile to increase marijuana availability so that patients have an alternative form of treatment. (WP)

Death cleaning is the newest organization trend. Now that the Marie Kondo organizational method has made a huge splash, it looks like there’s a new trend in town: death cleaning. While the Kondo style advises homeowners to throw out or donate the items that no longer bring them joy, the Swedish death cleaning practice asks participants to hand down items to loved ones instead. The author of The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning, Margareta Magnusson says that people should start thinking about doing a big tidy up in their home as soon as they reach an age where they can contemplate their own mortality. Since decluttering can increase productivity and reduce stress, it may be worthwhile to give it a try. Want to learn some more organizational secrets to transform your life? Watch this clip. (T)