In the News: Sugarcane May Reduce Insomnia, Scientists Identify 27 Emotions, Mediterranean Diet May Reduce Reflux Symptoms

Sugarcane extract may reduce stress-induced insomnia. According to research published in Scientific Reportsoctacosanol, an extract found in sugarcane may help fight insomnia if the lack of sleep is brought on by stress. This compound, which also has anti-inflammatory benefits, has also shown potential to prevent Parkinson’s disease when tested on animals. In this most recent study, researchers observed the sleep patterns of mice for a full 24-hours after the octacosanol had been administered to determine the amount of REM and non-REM sleep they had. They found that this extract didn’t change the sleep patterns of relaxed mice but it did positively impact the ones under stress. Want to get a better night’s rest? Try these five tips. (MN)

Scientists identify 27 distinct human emotions. While many assume that human emotions land within these categories: happy, sad, angry, scared, disgusted, and surprised, it turns out that there are actually 27 distinct emotional states that intersect with one another. The notion that every emotion is a standalone feeling has been debunked, with new research suggesting that these intersect with one another in many different ways. These findings hold a lot of promise for the future of psychiatric research since understanding the nuances of human emotion can improve the understanding of the brain. (SD)

Mediterranean diet may reduce painful reflux symptoms. The Mediterranean diet, often praised for its heart health and weight loss benefits, may also play a positive role in reducing acid reflux symptoms. New research has found that the combination of alkaline water and plant-based Mediterranean diet foods can relieve some of the painful side effects of acid reflux. In the study, one group took traditional medication for their symptoms while the other group tried this method and found that both sets up of patients had similar results. These findings suggest that what you eat can help you manage your reflux symptoms effectively. Want to erase your reflux for good? Try this 28-day plan. (ABC)