In the News: Tips to Treat Jellyfish Stings, J.Lo Shares Diet Details, New App Helps Kids Feel Less Afraid of Hospitals

Doctor shares tips for jellyfish sting relief. If you’ve ever been stung by a jellyfish, you know how much it hurts. The important thing to remember when dealing with these stings is the importance of swift action. Dr. Rag, a contributing medical editor at Health shares the following tips: First, remove the stingers as soon as possible, then wash the affected area with vinegar or a baking soda/ocean water mix to remove the venom. Once that’s done, take a pain reliever and use a heating pad to dull the ache from the sting. Lastly, keep an eye out for any strange symptoms, like nausea, dizziness, hives, etc. If those symptoms are exhibited, rush to the hospital for medical attention right away. Learn more about summer safety tips with Dr. Oz’s handy guide. (HEALTH)

Jennifer Lopez shares her diet routine with the world. If you, like so many of us, are wondering how J.Lo has managed to stay so fit, glowing, and youthful all these years, we now have a glimpse behind the curtain. At 47, Lopez could easily pass for 27, and that’s thanks to a varied and exciting workout regimen and a diet that excludes processed food, caffeine, alcohol, and cigarettes. If you think she gets that fresh-off-the-beach tan by being a slave to the sun, you’re wrong. Lopez wears tons of sunscreen and tries to avoid the sun whenever she can. If you want to learn more about staying youthful, check out Dr. Oz’s list of his favorite superfoods. (ELLE)

New app helps kids feel comfortable at the hospital. Since it’s no shocker that kids tend to feel nervous about going to the hospital, one company has come up with a solution to that all-too-common problem. Toca Boca has created a gaming app called Toca Life: Hospital that lets kids experience hospital life and even perform various tasks. With the use of friendly cartoon figures and bright colors, this game eases children into the hospital experience, letting them explore at their own pace. (HUFFPO)