In the News: White Wine Linked to Rosacea, FDA Increases Warnings for Children Taking Painkillers, Fast Food Found to Have Way More Sodium Than Anticipated

White wine linked to rosacea. The Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology has found that white wine may cause skin inflammation. During a 14-year period of study, the drinking habits of 83,000 women were monitored, and the findings were fascinating. The participants who drank one to three glasses of white wine over a month increased their odds of developing rosacea by 14 percent. When they upped their glasses to five a week, the odds of developing this skin condition jumped to 49 percent. Want to learn more about rosacea? Check out this fact sheet. (W&G)

FDA increases warnings for children taking painkillers. The FDA has announced new warnings for children taking painkillers, stating that no child under 12 should take codeine, and those 18 and younger should not take the painkiller tramadol after some types of surgeries. The organization also states that women breastfeeding should not take either of these medications because the drugs can impact their babies. Drug manufacturers will now have to add these warnings to packaging and labels, so that parents are aware of these contraindications.   (NYT)

Fast food found to have much more sodium than once thought. In a new study published in the journal Appetite, researchers polled fast-food-restaurant-goers about the amount of sodium in what they just ate. In almost all cases, the guesses were six times lower than the actual amount. One reason the guesses were so off is that a lot of people tend to use a minimal amount of salt when seasoning their food, so they assume that restaurants are doing the same. As it turns out, 89 percent of Americans consume more salt than they are supposed to. While the recommended daily amount is 2,300 milligrams (around one teaspoon), most Americans eat 3,600 mg a day. Need help cutting back on salt? Here is the plan for you.  (TIME)