More Sex Linked to Larger Paychecks

happy couple in bed

A new study shows that people who have sex four or more times a week earn more than people who aren’t getting so lucky.

The findings, published as a discussion paper by the Institute for the Study of Labor, suggest that people who have sex four or more times a week earn 5% more than people who aren’t as active in bed. People who are completely abstinent appear to be at a particular disadvantage. The study’s chaste subjects earned an average of 3.2% less than people who were sexually active.

The difference in wages held true regardless of gender or sexual orientation and remained even after the subjects’ level of education and job type were accounted for.

Researchers gleaned this steamy information from data collected about the personal and professional habits of 75,000 Greek adults between the ages of 26 and 50. The group included people with and without serious health conditions.

The study found that healthier people had sex more often, possibly because conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and arthritis can make having sex more difficult or uncomfortable. However, even within the group of people with significant medical problems, those who were having more sex were earning more.

The study’s results do not necessarily mean that sex alone is causing people to earn more. The study’s authors hypothesize that certain personality traits might help someone be more successful both in bed and in the office. For example, people in the study who had sex more frequently were also more likely to be extroverted. They also suggested that frequency of sexual activity may act as a barometer of health and wellbeing. In this case, people who are having more sex may be happier and healthier, which could prime them to succeed in a professional environment.

Alternatively, the researchers also provided a more cynical theory to explain their results. People who earn more may have extra resources to dedicate towards dating or towards more expensive presents that potential partners may find appealing.