In the News: Study Finds Cause for Misophonia, Elevated Testosterone Linked to Generosity, Ibuprofren No Better Than Placebos for Back Pain

Study determines why loud chewing bothers some. If you find yourself going bananas every time someone chews with their mouth open or slurps their tea, you aren’t alone. Many people suffer from misophonia, a condition where you are particularly bothered by these type of noises. While we knew there was a name for the condition, it wasn’t quite clear what caused that reaction. Scientists have finally gotten to the bottom of it, finding changes in brain activity when a bothersome sound was heard. The research found an abnormality tied to the emotional control part of the brain, causing an overdrive effect when exposed to these triggers. On a physiological level, sweating and an increased heart rate were also found in participants with this condition. Watch this episode to find out if you have misophonia too. (TIME)

Elevated testosterone linked to positive personality traits. Researchers at Trinity College and St. James’ Hospital in Dublin explored the side effects that correlate with increased testosterone. Forty participants were given a testosterone injection or a placebo and then took part in various games to test their social behavior. They determined that testosterone serves as more of a status enhancer than an aggression booster, with noticeable acts of generosity and kindness found amongst the participants. These findings help dispel the age-old belief that heightened testosterone is linked to domineering or controlling behavior. Wondering how to increase testosterone? Here’s what you need to know. (SALON)

Anti-inflammatory meds proven no better than placebos for back pain relief. While many people assume that nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) are useful in stopping back pain in its tracks, new findings show otherwise. In reviewing 6,000 participants, researchers found that only one in seven patients saw improvement (short-term at best) when taking an anti-inflammatory like ibuprofen for back pain. Along with having minimal benefits, these medications more than doubled the risk of gastrointestinal illness and side effects like stomach ulcers and bleeding. Suffering from back pain? Try this plan to get rid of the discomfort. (GUARDIAN)