This Week’s Headlines: Masks Used to Fight SARS, Napping May Improve Memory, Meal Timing May Impact Weight Loss

Researchers turn common surgical masks into weapons in the fight against SARS. Severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) is a potentially devastating infectious disease that is transmitted by viruses that get into the air. Some people wear masks to protect from the virus but while these masks may prevent the wearer from inhaling infectious particles, viruses can live on surfaces for a long time. That’s why a team of researchers covered cheap surgical masks with salt crystals that “deactivates” the viruses. Well, please pass the salt! Check out the Oz Blog to learn more about the first line of defense against viruses – hand washing! (EUREKA)

If you don’t want to sleep is that resisting a –rest? New study reveals that napping may help with memory. Researchers examined nearly 3,000 Chinese adults all 65 years or older and asked them about their sleeping habits. Most of them (about 60%) reported napping after lunch between 30 and 90 minutes. Then, the participants were asked to do several mental status assessments. The authors found that those who got a little extra shut eye scored higher on the memory tests with the best results in those who slept close to an hour. So get some Z’s, it might help you to stay sharp! Learn more about the power of the power nap here! (EUREKA)

Timing of meals may impact weight loss. Recent evidence has shown that losing weight doesn’t simply come down to what you are putting on your plate, but when you are consuming it. Participants who finished eating the bulk of their meals by the early afternoon actually burned more fat than those who ate throughout the day, and also had fewer hunger pangs. While more research is still required, these results indicate that timing really can make all the difference. Ready to lose a few extra pounds? Try the 21 Day Weight Loss Breakthrough Diet. (TODAY)