Today’s Headlines: Obesity, Artificial Hearts and ‘Senior Moments’

The More Time Young Adults Spend Obese, The Higher The Risk of Coronary Disease: “Cardiologist Mariell Jessup, president of the American Heart Association, says, “If we had to target one particular group of Americans for the treatment of obesity, we certainly want to work on children and young adults. If we don’t tackle obesity in these young people, there will be an epidemic of coronary artery disease just like there is currently an epidemic of obesity.'” (USA Today)

Artificial Hearts Made From Cow Tissue to Be Tested: “Fifteen years in development, the heart has been approved for clinical trials at cardiac surgery centers in Belgium, Poland, Saudi Arabia and Slovenia, where staff members are receiving training and patients are being screened, said Dr. Piet Jansen, medical director at Carmat.In France, where the device is not yet cleared for human implantation, regulators have requested more animal tests, Dr. Jansen said; those tests are continuing.” (New York Times)

New Study Shows ‘Senior Moments’ May Be Linked to Alzheimer’s: “Meanwhile, researchers at Brigham & Women’s Hospital in Boston gave the conference an early look at research that suggests subjective reports of cognitive decline correlate with increased levels of a piece of protein known to form plaques associated with Alzheimer’s disease. These beta-amyloid peptides clump up and interfere with signaling in the brain.” (LA Times)