Today’s Headlines: Black Eyed Peas’ Taboo’s Cancer Battle, Adidas Using Ocean Plastic, Energy Drink Dangers Revealed

Black Eyed Peas’ Taboo kept cancer battle under wraps. When Black Eyed Peas member Taboo started noticing pain in his back and abdomen, he wrote it off as a symptom of the flu and continued working. Eventually, a life-saving visit to the emergency room revealed that he had stage 2 testicular cancer. Throughout 12 intensive weeks of chemo, his band members and family kept his spirits up, giving him the motivation to keep pushing through. These days, he is celebrating every day and chronicling his experience with music, so be on the look out for new tracks in the future. Speaking of looking out, here are the testicular cancer symptoms to look out for so you can catch the disease and stop it in its tracks. (PAGESIX)

Adidas pushes the boundaries with their new shoe design. Soft, airy, understated, and nautical, Adidas’ newest running shoes are made up of actual plastic found in the ocean. Last year, the brand expressed interest in climate change and pollution awareness, and this year they’ve made good on their promises with this eco-friendly shoe. In 2017, they hope to create one million pairs from more than 11 million plastic bottles. This is one earth-friendly change you have to sea to believe. (GLOBALCITIZEN)

Research exposes detrimental effects of energy drinks on young adults. A Pediatric Emergency Care report surveyed participants from 12-18 years of age and found a link between energy drink consumption and side effects like headaches, anger, and difficulty breathing. These beverages contain unusually high levels of caffeine, sugar, and other stimulants that can cause unpleasant physical and behavioral side effects. One popular beverage, Monster’s Mutant Drink, has more than twice the sugar found in a candy bar and over 100 milligrams of caffeine. Looks like those Red Bull wings come with a cost. Know someone with a sugar addiction? Here’s how to help. (TIME)