Today’s Headlines: Cancer Genes, DNA HPV Test and Foot-And-Mouth Vaccine

New Genetic Markers for Certain Cancers Found: New research has found unique genetic markers that can have huge implications for treating and detecting three cancers: breast, ovarian and prostate. The new genetic information will lead to blood tests that determine how much a person is at risk and how serious the cancer might be. With a large international project, known as the Collaborative Oncological Gene-Environnment Study (COGS), researchers in 200 labs around the world have examined the DNA of 250,000 people with and without cancer. With the research, scientists were “able to reveal more associations than smaller studies could.” (LA Times)

DNA-Based Pap Test More Accurate Than Repeat Pap Smear: A new analysis of different studies reveals that, “In women who have a potentially or mildly abnormal cervical smear, using a DNA-based test can identify those at higher risk of having precursors of cervical cancer.” This DNA test, the Hybrid Capture 2 (HC2) assay, “is a DNA-based method that tests for DNA from those strains of the virus that are higher risk for cervical cancer.” (EurekAlert!)

Improved Foot-and-Mouth Vaccine Developed: A study, published in the journal PLOS Pathogens, reported on “a vaccine against foot-and-mouth disease in livestock that may be safer to produce than current inoculations that use the live virus.” The new vaccine “uses synthetic materials that are easier to store and monitor than the live virus.” This could “help ease a global shortage of vaccines for foot-and-mouth disease.” (Bloomberg)