Today’s Headlines: Ebola Deaths, ‘Selfie’ Diagnosis, Gut Health

World Health Organization reports Ebola outbreak: Three countries in Africa, Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone have reported cases of Ebola with a current estimated death toll at 337 people. “WHO has tried to coordinate the regional response but imposing the restrictions needed to control such an infectious disease has proven difficult. WHO said last month an earlier dip in cases masked the seriousness of the outbreak.” (Reuters)

Woman’s ‘selfie’ helps doctors with diagnosis: A Canadian woman documented her stroke symptoms via video. “Two days before the recording, doctors at a local emergency room in Toronto dismissed her face numbness and slurred speech as stress-related. They told her stroke tests had come back negative and counseled the 49-year-old legal secretary on breathing techniques.” The footage helped doctors diagnose the woman’s ‘mini strokes’ that were caused by a buildup of plaque in her arteries. (CNN)

Exercise may help foster good gut health: A new study suggests that physical activity could help contribute to a healthy digestive tract. The study looked at the stool of professional athletes versus samples from men with sedentary lifestyles. “As it turned out, the internal world of the athletes was quite different from that of the men in either of the control groups. The rugby players had considerably more diversity in the make-up of their gut microbiomes, meaning that their intestinal tracts hosted a greater variety of germs than did those of the other men, especially the men in the group with the highest B.M.I.” (NYT)