Today’s Headlines: Couples Therapy App, Emotional Distance Okay for Some Relationships and More

Couples-Therapy-Based App Helps Build Stronger Relationships: Love Maps, an app from The Gottman Relationship Institute, helps to encourage communication between two partners and find ways to connect more effectively. The app offers couples’ exercises including open-ended questions to ask your partner, ways to identify and express needs, and suggestions for what would make the user’s partner happy. (Time)

Study Suggests Emotional Distance Okay for Some Relationships: After surveying a sample of 732 men and women, they found that “closer relationships aren’t necessarily better relationships.” After asking questions about “relationship closeness, relationship satisfaction, commitment, break-up thoughts, and symptoms of depression,” the researchers noticed that those who reported feeling too close to their partner were just as dissatisfied with their relationship as those who felt they weren’t close enough. (EurekAlert!)

Petition Urges the FDA to Lower Level of Added Sugars in Beverages:  The Center for Science in the Public Interest submitted a petition asking the FDA to “identify a safe level of added sugars in beverages.” The petition letter was signed by “41 nutrition scientists and physicians and the public health departments of 10 major cities including Boston, Los Angeles, Philadelphia and Seattle.” These experts are hopeful that the FDA is in a position to reduce the excessive amount of sugar consumed by the average American. These sugars, mostly in the form of high-fructose corn syrup, have been blamed for America’s obesity epidemic. (USA Today)