Today’s Headlines: Gilmore Girls Stars Discuss Reboot, Son Takes Mom on Fairy Tale Trip, Study Finds Further Benefits of Coffee

Gilmore Girls stars discuss the reboot. More Gilmore Girls may be on the way. Now that the long-awaited Gilmore Girls reboot has arrived, plenty of hardcore Rory and Lorelai fans are left wondering if there are more episodes to come. Without giving anything away, the very anticipated last four words have provided a lot of room for more storytelling. When asked about the likelihood of another batch of episodes, Lauren Graham shrugged and said, “The ending was a bit of a cliffhanger, don’t cha think?” So there you have it. Fans will have to wait and hope for more. (TODAY)

Son takes mom on fairy-tale trip. After Barton Brooks’ father, Karl, passed away, he made it his mission to help his mother, Carla, recover from the devastation. Along with his partner, Gregg, they embarked on a European trip with 20 stops, significant because Karl had suffered a stroke 20 years before his passing and Carla had been taking care of him all that time. The trip began with a castle tour in Northern Wales, and Budapest will be the next stop. When asked how she’s enjoying the trip, Carla said, “It’s stunning, we’re just loving it!” Need help learning how to cope with grief? Check out these useful resources. (PEOPLE)

Drinking 3 cups of coffee may reduce dementia risk. A new report has found a link between caffeine and dementia. Scientists claim that drinking three cups of coffee daily can help increase the amount of antioxidants that flow through your body, which can help fight off “toxic clumps” that build up in the brain and lead to dementia. Even moderate consumption has been found to potentially stave off Parkinson’s disease and other neurological disorders. Though it is still unclear how coffee prevents cognitive decline, experts seem to think that it has to do with the stimulation of the central nervous system. While only further research and time will tell how strong this correlation is, these findings do provide good news for java lovers everywhere. Check out this slide show to learn more about the pros and cons of drinking coffee. (DAILYMAIL)