Today’s Headlines: Hiding Cigarettes in Stores, Biennial Mammograms, and Estrogen Pill Risks

New York Mayor Proposes Shop Owners Hide Cigarettes in Stores: After a judge blocked his size restriction on sugary drinks, Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced on Monday that he is seeking legislation requiring that the city’s retailers hide cigarettes from view, making New York the first city in the nation to do so. He said cigarettes could be located “in a cabinet or a drawer, or even behind a counter or curtain.” The mayor added, “Such displays suggest that smoking is a normal activity, and they invite young people to experiment with tobacco.” (New York Times)

Biennial Mammograms May Be Better For Some Women: A new study has found that having a mammogram every two years instead of every year does not increase the risk of missing advanced breast cancer. The study reported that “60% of abnormal mammograms turn out to be false positives instead of cancer, even though they can lead to biopsies, even surgery.” The current recommendation for breast cancer screenings by the US Preventative Services Task Force is for women to get biennial mammograms after the age of 50. (CBS News)

Taking Estrogen Pills For Menopause Increases Risk of Needing Gallbladder Surgery: A study published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal reveals that taking estrogen pills as part of hormone replacement therapy for menopause increases one’s risk of developing gallstones, which sometimes require surgery. The researchers followed 70,000 women in France between 1992 and 2008. While they found the increased gallstone risk among women who took estrogen pills, women who instead wore estrogen patches or used estrogen gels evaded that risk. (