Today’s Headlines: Hospital Gowns, Probiotic Chicken and Conscientious Partners

You should ask if you need that hospital gown. Donning the hospital gown has become a dreaded requirement for most entering the hospital or even just getting a quick check-up. New research suggests that as many as 50% of those putting on the gowns may not actually need to lose the pants for it, though. The researchers looked at how often patients put on gowns with nothing but undergarments and then asked doctors whether they thought having pants off under the gown was needed for the exam. “The results showed that only 11 percent of the patients wore lower-body clothing beyond undergarments. Although the doctors said that 56 percent of the patients could wear pants without causing a medical problem, only 25 percent of these patients actually did so, according to the findings.” Given that the majority of those surveyed would prefer to wear pants, the findings could help improve hospital visits for patients. (Fox)

Your chicken might soon be taking probiotics. The meat industry has come under increasing pressure to lay off the antibiotics, which many use to increase the growth of their animals while also warding off infection. The problem is these antibiotics can end up in the food supply and can also contribute to the growing problem of antibiotic-resistant superbugs. “To keep its chickens disease-free, Perdue Farms is giving the livestock fewer antibiotics—but more probiotics. The poultry giant believes probiotics, or ‘good bacteria,’ will fend off the harmful kind that might otherwise take up residence in its birds.” The company is saying antibiotics will now only be used to treat birds that are sick. (TIME)

Finding a conscientious mate may help your career. While the risk-taking rule-breakers may be exciting to be with, there are some real advantages to relationships with the more reliable rule-followers. It seems one of those benefits might be better job attainment. Researchers “found a connection between having a conscientious spouse and a higher likelihood of pay increases, job promotions and generally just being more satisfied at work. Conscientious people, according to how the researchers measured it, follow rules, work hard and are reliable, predictable and able to control their impulses.” The authors cite several possible reasons for the work benefits. These spouses are more likely to share day-to-day responsibilities, serve as a good role model for their partner and increase happiness in the relationship by being more dependable. (Washington Post)