Today’s Headlines: HPV Vaccine, Mondays and Gardening

Cervical cancer vaccine misses minority women, study finds: The two main cervical cancer vaccines “miss the strains most likely to infect black women,” a new study says. The vaccine protects against infection of certain strains of HPV (the most common sexually transmitted infection), which cause most cases of cervical cancer. According to the new research, the viral strains that the vaccine targets happen to be different than the most common strains found in African American women. Fortunately, “a new vaccine in advanced development may protect against many more of the strains.” (NBC News)

Thinking of quitting smoking? Mondays may be your day: “There’s no such thing as a bad day to stop smoking, but a new study shows Monday is a particularly popular day to think about it – or at least Google it.” Researchers found that Google searches for smoking cessation help peak on Mondays, when they are 25% higher than on other days. Searchers were lowest on Saturdays, “when they are 145% lower than on Mondays.” Researchers suggest that people view Mondays as a sort of “fresh start.” (USA Today)

Gardening ‘linked to longer lives’: To live longer, try growing a green thumb. A new Swedish study found that gardening and “fixing up the house” was linked to a longer life in people over 60. Seniors who were active around the house “reduced the risk of a heart attack or stroke by 27%, and death from any cause by 30%, during the 12-year study.” Researchers suggest that “simply getting off the sofa and avoiding a sedentary lifestyle was a lifesaver.” (BBC News)