Today’s Headlines: Leah Remini Fights Scientology, Dog-Lover Helps Homeless Pups, New Patch Tests Sweat

Leah Remini continues taking a stand against Scientology. Former Scientology member Leah Remini has detailed her experience with the church in her tell-all Troublemaker and is now continuing her fight against the organization. Referring to the church leaders as bullies, she vows to continue supporting the victims of Scientology who have been ostracized for leaving the church and labeled enemies. Want to learn more? Listen to Leah Remini discuss her Scientology struggles. (E!)

Dog lover spends $50,000 to help injured homeless pups. A long time ago, when California native Annie Torres would see homeless dogs in need of medical help, she’d put their vet bills ahead of her own needs, surviving on cheap hot dogs and macaroni just as long as they got the veterinarian care they needed. Twenty years later, she’s solely responsible for saving more than 200 dogs, to the tune of $50,000. Last year, she created the nonprofit Crash Fund to provide spaying and neutering for local dogs and raised $10,000 in the process. It’s easy to see this dog lover is totally paw-some! Dr. Oz has a soft spot for canines too. Meet his newest four-legged family member! (PEOPLE)

New technology tracks health and wellness through sweat. Researchers have created an experimental device, similar to a FitBit, designed to assess the biochemical components within your sweat to determine acidity level, sweat loss, amount of chloride, glucose, lactate, and more. These findings can measure hydration levels and electrolyte loss so you can determine when it’s time to refuel, which will make your workout more effective. Afraid your patch will slip off like a loose Band-Aid? No sweat! It’s designed to stand the test of time and stay in place. Find that you’re sweating too much? Here are some surprising reasons why. (CBS)