Today’s Headlines: Madonna’s Daughter Takes Home Gymnastics Medals, 1,400 People Waitlisted for LBD, Study Finds Risks of Going to Bed Angry

Madonna’s daughter wins big at gymnastics competition. It looks like talent is a family trait in the Madonna household. On Sunday, the pop star was beaming with pride on social media when she announced that her 10-year-old daughter Mercy took home four medals at a recent gymnastics competition. Madonna adopted Mercy at an orphanage in Bvumbwe, when she paid her first visit to Malawi. She also adopted her son David Banda, 11, on that trip, from a different orphanage. At a recent charity event, Madonna showed her support for her children’s birthplace when she raised $7.5 million dollars. Want to make your kids healthier? Taking part in sports is a great start. Find out what else you can do here. (PEOPLE)

1,400 people on wait-list for little black dress. We’ve all heard of the “LBD,” the little black dress that always fits perfectly, accentuates the right places, and camouflages the others. This coveted wardrobe staple is often hard to find, but now clothing company MM.LaFleur is making it easier than ever by creating the magical LBD that flatters all women. When the company released its “Tory” dress last year, it had a 1,600-person wait-list. This year, the “Casey” is causing a huge stir with more than 1,400 people on the wait-list so far. With women wearing these dresses during pregnancy, to the office, on a night out, and everywhere in between, this dress is as multifunctional as it is comfy. Want to learn some other slimming wardrobe secrets to keep in mind? Try these tips! (TODAY)

Study uncovers dangers of going to bed angry. That famous saying “Never go to bed angry” seems to have some serious credence now. In a study published in the Nature Communications journal, scientists found that your brain changes the way bad memories are stored while you slumber, making it more challenging to forget or ignore these negative feelings in the years to come. Using a technique known as “think/no-think,” 73 male participants were tested on their abilities to suppress memories. They found that memories were more difficult to un-see once they have been processed during sleep. Now we know why so many people recommend making up before you hit the hay. Do you know what your sleep type is? Find out today. (GUARDIAN)