Today’s Headlines: Martha Stewart Launches a New Fragrance Line, Blood Facials, Childhood Bullying and Obesity

Martha Stewart, lifestyle maven, releases new line of fragrances.  Ever wondered what Martha Stewart’s home smells like? As arguably one of the most famous homemaking experts around, many fans would jump at the chance to find out what her preferred scents are. Looks like the wait is over. Martha’s new collection of home fragrances features scents inspired by her bucolic surroundings, think: fresh lemon and basil, figs, and cool cucumber water. Having guests over and worried your house is disheveled? Spritz one of these fragrances from room to room and trick your friends into thinking you have it all together. Best yet? Certain fragrances are proven to improve your mood. What’s not to love? (PEOPLE)

Blood facials are a new hit in the world of skin care. Tired of living with blotchy skin and the dreaded wrinkles? Barbara Sturm, dubbed the mother of vampire facials, has come up with a $950 facial cream called simply MC1, made with the proteins from each client’s blood. Winning over celebrities and beauty gurus alike, this treatment is performed in one of Sturm’s Düsseldorf or Munich spas and requires your blood to be drawn so it can be made into a face cream all your own. We’ve already heard of snails and placenta used in beauty regimens so this should come as no surprise! (FOX)

Studies find link between childhood bullying and obesity. A recent study at King’s College London shows that childhood victims of bullying are twice as likely to be overweight by the time they turn 18. The research indicates that 28 percent of those children studied had been bullied in either elementary or middle school, and 13 percent had been bullied at both schools. This finding is alarming on a physical and psychological level and shows that changes need to be made to prevent the trend from worsening. Whether your child is being bullied or just feeling anxious in general, here is how to help. (PSYCH)