Today’s Headlines: Mila Kunis Gives Birth, Nestlé Plans to Cut Sugar, Magic Mushrooms Help Cancer Patients

Mila Kunis gives birth to baby boy. Sources confirm that Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher have welcomed a second child this past Wednesday, November 30th. While no name has been released yet, we do know the gender of the baby thanks to a minor slip-up from Kutcher on the Today show. When Savannah Guthrie asked him how his daughter Wyatt is adjusting to her mother’s pregnancy, Kutcher said, “She points to Mila’s belly and she’s like, ‘baby brother’ and then she points to me and goes ‘beer!’” The married couple who met on the set of That ’70s Show when they were just children themselves, have spoken about wanting a huge family, so we can expect more adorable and genetically gifted babies on the horizon. If you are planning to get pregnant or are currently expecting, here is the definitive guide to what you can (and can’t) eat during pregnancy. (E!)

Nestlé plans to cut sugar in chocolate. The Swiss food company that is responsible for long-adored treats like Kit Kats, Yorkies, and Aeros, has discovered a way to structure sugar differently so that they can use less of it without compromising the flavor. With the sugar dissolving faster, the tongue registers the same amount of sweetness without having to use the same amount. Since sugar has been held responsible for the growing obesity epidemic, this scientific breakthrough should be well-received by chocolate fans the world over. Love to snack on chocolate? Here’s a healthy treat you can enjoy guilt-free! (GUARDIAN)

Magic mushrooms help cancer patients. Studies have found that psilocybin, known as a “magic mushroom,” can relax cancer patients. Doctors found that the substance reduced stress and sadness in 80 percent of participants and many found that even one use registered as a supremely meaningful experience. For one breast cancer patient, taking this drug gave her a sense of connection with the world and made her feel like she was part of something bigger. Even after she came down from the high, she still felt peaceful and calm, instead of experiencing the dread she was accustomed to. Have you heard of “eating the rainbow“? It might have cancer-fighting powers. (NBC)