Today’s Headlines: Special-Needs Boy Set on Fire, Nicole Kidman Helps Abuse Victims, Fitness Blogger Protests Unrealistic Expectations, Study Links Gut Bacteria to Fiber

Special-needs boy set on fire by bullies. Kayden Culp, a 10 year old special-needs boy with a hearing aid and a lisp was set on fire by the people he thought were his friends. While playing with some boys after school, a fire was list inside a shed and he was left with severe second and third-degree burns over 20 percent of his body. After undergoing skin graft surgery and painful infections, he is now on the road to recovery, but it will be a long time before he is back to being completely okay. Check out an exclusive sneak peek for more on this story. (NYPOST)

Nicole Kidman speaks out on violence against women. After meeting with women and children in Kosovo who suffered abuse, Nicole Kidman made it her mission to help them any way she could. At a fundraising dinner this week, she said she’s spent the last 10 years being “a voice for the women who don’t have a voice.” By night’s end, this event raised over $100,000, along with a $50,000 donation from Kidman herself. Despite this generosity, she points out there is still a lot of work that needs to be done. The United Nations reports that one in three women across the globe have undergone physical or sexual abuse, typically at the hands of a loved one. Do you know someone currently experiencing violence? Check out these resources to help them get the support they need. (PAGESIX)

Fitness blogger sets the record straight on misleading photographs. Ashlie Molstad, a popular fitness blogger, recently posted side-by-side photos taken seconds apart, to show followers how misleading a picture can be. In one photo, she looks tan and fit, and in the other, she is sitting in a less flattering position, letting her stomach rolls hang out. The message is clear: nobody is perfect. While so many of us think we can achieve flat abs, perfect skin, and an overall toned physique if we only tried harder, the reality is many influencers use Photoshop, posture tricks, and great lighting to look superhuman. While some workout motivation is always helpful, it’s important not to get discouraged when you see someone who looks totally flawless. Changes are, it’s all in the angles. (YAHOO)

Gut microbes need fiber to function efficiently. A new study published in the journal Cell found that certain types of gut bacteria rely heavily on fiber in their daily diet. When their meals are lacking in fiber, these microbes begin eating away at the mucus layer surrounding your gut. As creepy as that sounds, it also has some serious side-effects. When gut microbes feast on your gut walls it causes inflammation and infections, which can do harm to your body overall. While future research will further determine how these microbes function, for now we can keep eating a variety of natural fiber to keep the gut happy. Check out the ultimate fiber checklist to get started! (MEDNEWS)