Today’s Headlines: Raw Milk, Migraine Devices and Marijuana

Pediatricians advise pregnant women, children against drinking raw milk: “The American Academy of Pediatrics on Monday warned that pregnant women and children should not drink raw milk and said it supports a nationwide ban on the sale of raw milk because of the danger of bacterial illnesses.” The recent results of a 10-year study out of Minnesota showed that “more than 17% of the state’s residents who drank raw milk got sick.” The group also supports a ban on raw or unpasteurized milk-based cheeses. However, “advocates say raw milk is delicious and provides health benefits, including protection against asthma and lactose intolerance.” Thirty states allow the sale of raw milk. (Los Angeles Times)

First device to treat migraine wins FDA approval: “The Cerena Transcranial Magnetic Stimulator, the first medical device for the treatment of migraine headaches preceded with aura, has won regulatory approval in the United States.” The device, which must be prescribed, is placed against the back of the skull after migraine pain has started and works by sending magnetic energy through the skull. “A randomized controlled trial of 201 patients showed that nearly 38% of those using the TMS when they had migraine were pain-free for 2 hours after, compared with 17% of the controls.” (Medical News Today)

Marijuana linked to brain-related memory woes, schizophrenia risk in teens: Marijuana may cause structural changes in the brain that could affect memory and even “look similar to what schizophrenia does to the brain.” Researchers reported that areas of the brain associated with memory, including the thalamus, stratum and globus pallidus, appeared to “shrink and collapse inward.” The effects appear to linger for years; they were observed in the brains of people in their low 20s who no longer smoked, but who had used marijuana in their teens. “Marijuana is the most commonly-used illicit drug in the U.S,” and an estimated 7.3% of Americans over the age of 12 use it. (CBS News)