Today’s Headlines: SJP Dreams of Reliving Labor, Female Teen Depression on the Rise, E-Cigarettes Have Dangerous Side Effects

Sarah Jessica Parker wishes she could relive giving birth. While many women would never dream of going through the labor process again, actress Sarah Jessica Parker, who describes the experience as “absolute euphoria,” is not one of them. After giving birth to son, James Wilkie, in 2002, she was unable to get pregnant again. So, in 2009, she, like so many other women, went the surrogate route and welcomed twin bundles of joy, Marion Loretta and Tabitha Hodge, making the Parker household a happy family of 5. Are you struggling with infertility? You’re not alone. (TODAY)

New research on depression shows alarming trend. According to a recent study by the John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, depression rates have increased by 37 percent throughout 2005–2014. Teenage girls, in particular, showed the fastest rise in symptoms such as loss of interest, sadness, and other hallmarks of major depressive episodes. In 2005, 8.7 percent of the participants described feeling depressed, with that number rising to 11.3 percent nine years later. For the girls studied, those numbers went from 13.1 percent at the beginning of the study to 17.3 percent by 2014. Think your teen may be depressed? Here are the signs to look out for. (YAHOO)

E-cigarettes may not be as safe as we thought. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has found that e-cigarette use has gone up in the last few years. While many reach for this alternative thinking that vaping is healthier for them, it looks like the vapor is just as harmful as tobacco for mouth cells. In some cases, extended use can lead to gum disease, tooth loss, and even mouth cancer. If you never leave the house without something to smoke (whether it’s an e-cig or the regular kind), it may be time to kick the habit for good. Here’s how to do just that, right in time for the New Year. (MEDNEWS)