Today’s Headlines: Studies Show Correlation Between Alcohol and Heart Health, SNL Honors Leonard Cohen and the Election Results, Laughing Gas on the Rise for Natural Births

Scientific evidence links moderate drinking to overall heart health. Good news for those of us who enjoy imbibing every now and then: It looks like that glass (or two) of merlot can make your heart happy. Nearly 100 studies show that moderate drinkers have fewer heart-related events, including deadly heart disease. Ready to stock your liquor cabinet to the brim? Not so fast. Since alcohol is toxic and can lead to liver issues and other emotional and physical maladies, moderation is crucial. But if you were on the fence about having a glass tonight, here’s the green light. Cheers! (TIME)

SNL‘s Kate McKinnon sings her way through Saturday’s cold open. Did you turn on the TV Saturday night hoping for a cathartic laughing sesh? Us too. In what was quite possibly the most somber cold open SNL has seen in some time, Kate McKinnon paid respects to the death of musical legend Leonard Cohen and also bid adieu to the prospect of Hills in the White House in one fell swoop. With strong vocals and an earnest rendition of “Hallelujah,” it was hard to hold back the feels, which is maybe what was needed most of all. And don’t forget: Laughing out loud can help you ease tension, making shows like SNL the perfect remedy for good health. (TODAY)

Hospitals now offering laughing gas for women in labor. If you’re a mommy-to-be and you’re anti-epidural, you might think the prospect of giving birth is no laughing matter. But wait! Doctors are now recommending laughing gas for pain management during labor. Popular during the 1800s to 1950s, this pain relief in the form of giggles is seeing a resurgence in 2016. With more and more families on team natural birth, this offers the perfect solution to help you laugh your way through the delivery. (COSMO)