Today’s Headlines: Yo-Yo Diet Dangers, Drones, Ashley Graham’s Plus-Size Barbie

Yo-yo dieting carries an unexpected risk. We all know the benefits of staying within a healthy BMI range, but if you are one of the many women who crash diets, you may be doing your heart a serious disservice. While most of us think there’s nothing wrong with losing and gaining 10 pounds here and there, the American Heart Association has actually found a link between weight fluctuations and sudden cardiac death. The findings show that yo-yo dieting four times or more increases the risk of heart-related incidents. If you are ready to quit the rollercoaster diet habit, check out these tips. (TODAY)

The drone craze hits home in a whole new way. Featured in all the latest music videos and YouTube clips, it’s hard not to appreciate the cool-factor that a drone provides. But for one man, this device helped him uncover a lot more than he bargained for. After becoming suspicious of her whereabouts, he used this camera to capture an aerial shot of his wife with another man and then broadcast it on his YouTube channel for the entire world to see. Ouch. Have you ever wondered what causes people to cheat? It might come down to genetics. (INSIDE)

Model Ashley Graham had specific instructions for her new Barbie. This week, plus-size model Ashley Graham was presented with a Barbie version of herself at Glamour’s Women of the Year Awards. Known for being outspoken about body acceptance, she requested that her creation had cellulite and thighs that touch to make it as realistic as possible. While some suggestions couldn’t be brought to fruition (cellulite and plastic are not a match made in heaven), the doll does have a curvier figure than it’s predecessors, making it a major coup for women everywhere. (NYPOST)