Today’s Headlines: Too Much TV, Acne Treatments, and Older Moms Live Longer

New study shows correlation between TV watching and premature death: The Journal of of the American Heart has published a study that suggests that watching too much television may cause an early death. Researchers looked at subjects’ driving time, computer time and time spent watching television. “They didn’t find any associations with computer time and driving, but they report that the risk for death was two times higher for participants who watched three or more hours at a time, even when the study authors accounted for other factors related to early death.” (TIME)

FDA warns consumers about acne treatments: The FDA is advising shoppers looking skin care products to be aware of certain ingredients that may cause rare allergic reactions. “For now the agency wants consumers to stop using the products immediately if they experience tightness of the throat, breathing problems, lightheadedness or swelling of the eyes, face or lips. Users can test their sensitivity to a new treatment by dabbing a small amount on their skin for three days. If they don’t experience a reaction the product can generally be used safely as directed.” (ABC)

Women who give birth at an older age may live longer: New research suggests that women who have children after the age of 33 without the assistance of fertility treatments are more likely to live longer than women who had their last child before they turned 30. “The results of the Boston University School of Medicine study are consistent with other findings on the relationship between maternal age at birth of last child and what researchers consider exceptional longevity–generally living until 95 or older.” (Washington Post)