Today’s Headlines: Coffee and Water Might Be Equal, Sitting May Not Shorten Your Life, and the Latest Spinach Recall

Coffee may be able to count towards your eight glasses of water for the day. Since coffee is mostly water content, drinking it throughout the day can hydrate you in some capacity. Professor Eric Rimm, an expert on nutrition at Harvard, weighed in on this finding, “Water isn’t necessarily better than other beverages, ‘except for those high in added sugars, like a sports drink,’ he says. Coffee is healthier than soda ‘for almost all health reasons.’ Coffee can actually be a great alternative to water, especially when it’s unsweetened, because ‘it is almost without calories.’ Coffee drinkers are gulping nearly all water when consuming black coffee.” The key to hydrating yourself with coffee is to drink it black—flavored coffee, added sugars, milk, powders, etc. change the content of the coffee, making it a high calorie breakfast drink rather than an alternative form to water. (WSJ)

Sitting may not shorten your life span, but no physical activity might. There have been many studies reporting that sitting is bad for your health. But a new study suggests it’s not whether you sit or stand, but rather your overall level of physical activity that impacts your health and your life span. “In fact, sitting is no worse than standing for a person who doesn’t otherwise move his or her body…After controlling for a number of factors, including diet and general health, researchers found the overall mortality risk for these participants wasn’t influenced by how long they sat or by the kind of sitting. And the researchers cautioned that too much emphasis on not sitting shouldn’t take the place of promoting physical activity.” Try to stand more often throughout the day, but more importantly find ways to move—whether it be taking a walk during your lunch break or going to the gym three times a week. (Washington Post)

Dole recalled its spinach packages in 13 different states for salmonella. According to the Dole company, 33,600 bags of their spinach have been recalled for possible contamination although no reports of illness have been filed yet. “…the recall was spurred when a sample of Dole spinach salad tested positive for salmonella during random testing by the Michigan Department of Agriculture & Rural Development. The states where the spinach had been distributed are Connecticut, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Wisconsin.” Dole has urged its consumers to throw out this product as it may cause harmful health problems. (Time)