Today’s Headlines: Why You Should Drink More Water, the Link Between Diabetes and Cancer, and How Sports May Help Your Brain

Drinking one percent more water during the day may help you eat less. A recent study of more than 18,000 adults shows that your diet could benefit from drinking more water. Increased water consumption “…resulted in eating 8.58 fewer calories, 0.74 fewer grams of sugar, 9.8 fewer milligrams of sodium, and 0.88 fewer grams of cholesterol. But add a whole extra glass or two or three and the numbers get meatier: as many as 205 fewer calories, 18 fewer grams of sugar, 235 fewer milligrams of sodium, and 21 fewer grams of cholesterol.” Researchers did not draw firm conclusions but noted that this study supported the message that water is essential in a healthy diet. (Fox)

Diabetics may be at an increased risk for certain cancers. Type 1 diabetes could be a potential red flag for cancers in certain areas of the body. “Cancers of the stomach, liver, pancreas, endometrium and kidney were about 25 percent to 50 percent more common among people with type 1 diabetes, though breast cancers were 10 percent less common and prostate cancers were 56 percent less common…The researchers found the biggest risk increase for liver cancer in men, which was twice as common in those with type 1 diabetes, and 78 percent more common in women with diabetes.” These statistics are significant because most diabetic cancer research has been limited to adult-onset type 2 diabetes and not in early-age type 1 diabetes. (Reuters)

Learning a sport may impact your brain’s cognition. General exercise positively impacts the brain but playing a sport may be even more beneficial to middle-aged people. “Past neurological studies in people have shown that learning a new physical skill in adulthood, such as juggling, leads to increases in the volume of gray matter in parts of the brain related to movement control.” Increased gray matter may signal an improvement in memory and cognition. (NYT)