Today’s Headlines: Why You Should Watch 3-D Movies, Why Sleep Apnea Is Dangerous, and Why You Should Stop Using Soap in the Shower

Try watching 3-D movies, drinking cocoa, or having sex more frequently to boost your brain power and combat your aging. Several different studies were done to investigate what activities can help improve cognitive functioning in older people. The varied results showed that many different things could help, including watching 3-D movies, drinking cocoa, and having sex. “Movies in 3-D may be more physiologically stimulating…increasing heart rate and blood flow to the brain,” one study noted. Other notable activities tested with effective results were yoga, painting, and singing. (WSJ)

Sleep apnea has been known to be dangerous, but new evidence suggests women may need to worry about it a little more than men. In a sleep study done on men and women, researchers tested and tracked troponin T which is “a protein that can be released into the bloodstream if the heart is damaged” and if found in healthy people can be a red flag for heart disease in the future. The study found that “Obstructive sleep apnea was independently associated with increased troponin T, heart failure and death in women, but not in men. And in women, but not men, sleep apnea was associated with an enlarged heart, another risk factor for cardiovascular disease.” (NYT)

You may be using soap too frequently and harming your body and immune system in the process. Too much soap, especially soap with anti-bacterial properties, gets rid of both the bad and the good bacteria on our skin. If you continually strip your skin of the good bacteria it needs, your immune system can lower and cause a variety of health issues. “…you’re crawling with bugs, and these microbes are crucial for digestion, skin health, and immunity.  Regular contact with dirt and grime teaches your microbiome how to recognize friendly germs versus foes.” Experts suggest washing your armpits and groin on a regular basis with soap and only rinsing the rest of your body with water. (Time)