Top Health Stories of 2012: Arsenic in the Rice Supply

The Dr. Oz Show medical staff chose the top most innovative, interesting and influential health headlines of 2012. Each day until the new year, we’ll round up and revisit the major headlines that had a profound effect on science, medicine and your health over the last 12 months.

Headline #14: FDA Confirms Alarming Levels of Arsenic in our Rice

Last year, Consumer Reports and The Dr. Oz Show investigated the arsenic levels in our apple juice supply. Now, Consumer Reports has confirmed  alarming levels in our US-grown rice supply

Though many experts have been urging the FDA to set limits for arsenic in food and food agencies in other countries have already set safety standards for rice, the FDA still did not recommend “that consumers change their consumption of rice and rice products at this time.”

After several months, the FDA still hasn’t changed their views on consuming rice or rice products; however, we should expect an update soon.

This important story shows the nation’s growing  concern about our food supply. Now, more than ever, we are questioning our conventional thoughts on food, where it comes from, and whether we can actually trust the hands that feed us.

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