3 Fall Beauty Trends Backed by Science

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It’s fall – the time of year when makeup palettes turn rich and hair makes a statement as our wardrobes transition into sumptuous layers. Looking to the runway, you can scope out not only the latest fashions, but also the next big things in beauty. Creativity may be in full force, but even the most artistic beauty trends are grounded in science.

Trend: Braids
Research has shown that people find symmetrical facial features to be most attractive. If you have areas of disproportion (and just about everyone does!), styling braids into your hair can actually make your features appear more compatible since the alternating pattern won’t draw attention to asymmetry in the same way a center part or round bun does. If you have large features, try thicker braids; smaller features look best with more delicate braids.

Trend: Nude Nails
Crisp, dark nails of seasons past made way for refreshingly lucent tips at countless runways. Nude nails are very elegant in a minimalist way and they make your fingers look longer. They also mimic the consistent color of naturally healthy nails if you pick the right shade for your skin tone. Cool skin tones should look for shades with a hint of pink, while warm skin tones look best in beige-yellow undertones. Olive skin can match a shade similar to complexion color, and deep skin tones sizzle in bronzed hues.

Trend: Peach Cheeks
Research shows that blushing is especially feminine, as the phenomenon happens much more often in girls than boys, and is also more common among the young. Cheeks flush when there is heightened blood flow, which scientists associate with good health, passion and sexual excitement. And as with many good things, the enticing ability to flush fades with age.

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