3 Makeup Rules You Can Break

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We’ve finally gotten to the point at which we totally ignore lame fashion rules (No white after Labor Day! Match your bag to your shoes! Don’t mix patterns!), but for some reason, the same bravado doesn’t always apply to makeup choices. We all have fears about wearing something that isn’t considered “right,” but really, that’s a sad reason to stay in a cosmetics rut. All you have to do is know how to break the rules based science.

Myth: Redheads shouldn’t wear red lipstick
Truth: The seemingly impossible feat of finding the perfect crimson for gingers is actually quite simple. Redheads can look amazing with red lips, especially orangey-toned, tomato shades to play off their warm, peaches and cream complexions. Avoiding anything with blue undertones is a good basic rule (think crimsons and purple-y reds).

Myth: Sparkly eyeshadow is only for teenagers
Truth: On the contrary, flat matte shadows can actually accentuate the eyelid crepey effect that sometimes plagues more mature women. Because shimmer shadows attract and reflect light, they can actually make your eye area look more awake. Stick to neutral-based tones with a shimmery—not glittery—finish.

Myth: You can’t pair a smoky eye with a bold lip
Truth: The key to pulling off a face full of makeup is contrasting the finishes (think shimmer on eyes with satin or matte on lips), while keeping the rest of your face minimally defined, with groomed brows and softly contoured cheeks. Sticking to the same color family, but with varying textures, makes the look interesting while maintaining a sense of cohesion. If you use a cool undertone on your eye, make sure your lips have a cool undertone as well.

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