3 Steps to Healthy, Glowing Skin

green smoothie

Bright, glowing skin is a sign of youth (and health!). But how can you get that dewy shine without looking like you’re dripping in grease? We discovered a few steps that can help you achieve that coveted balance.

1. Encourage Your Natural Glow
Dennis Gross, MD, a New York City dermatologist, suggests flooding skin with a steady supply of ingredients that hydrate and brighten. Radiance-boosting vitamins C and D are powerful antioxidants that help protect against UVA damage and prevent signs of aging. Vitamin A is a proven favorite, found most potently in retinols and Rx retinoids. Products that contain niacinamide peed up your skin’s cell turnover to increase radiance while clearing away dark spots.

2. Drink Green Juice
Dark, leafy greens pack a whopping punch of vitamin C, which keeps skin supple. Parsley, kale, collards and spinach also contain vitamin K, a potent anti-inflammatory that helps promote glowing skin. Green juice is also extremely hydrating. Try Dr. Oz’s Green Drink.

3. Get Moving
Gross says many celebrities work out just before an important event to give their skin a rosy hue; it’s one of the best-kept beauty secrets of those who regularly walk the red carpet. Even if you’re not headed to the Oscars, exercise is a free and easy way to give your skin a natural glow, not to mention it relieves stress and provides an endorphin boost.

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