3 Things to Keep in Mind as Summer Ends

End of holiday

For many, summer marks a shift from a more structured and work-focused schedule and mind set to a much heavier emphasis on fun, leisure, travel, recreation, and socializing. As summer and all that comes with it draws to a close, the transition back to a more serious-minded and work-laden lifestyle can be sometimes be a bit tricky to navigate.

Here are some tips to avoid end-of-summer doldrums and help create a smoother, more effective transition into fall:

  • Ease into a rigid structure. Doing whatever you can to avoid a radical change from a more carefree and varying summer schedule to a more rigid and predictable work schedule can be helpful. Try to avoid over-planning and over-scheduling work and responsibilities where you can. Ease into to these things by leaving as much room as possible for flexibility like impromptu plans, recreation, and time to catch up with friends you haven’t seen as much as you would have liked because of busy summer schedules. Think of the fall as slowly entering a cold pool versus jumping right in, it can be much easier and more tolerable if you take it slowly.
  • Plan your next vacation. It can take the edge off work doldrums to begin planning your next vacation or short getaway. Try to spread necessary tasks over time and at regular intervals to remain connected with excitement and anticipation. For example, every Monday evening you can set a aside a small amount of time for completing tasks like researching locations, comparing airfares, and finding hotels.
  • Shift focus inward. It can also be helpful to try to shift from the typical summer focus on things outside of yourself like social activities and going places to things that are more self-focused, like tuning into to your health, bettering yourself, or developing new skills and knowledge.