3 Tips for Better Sex for Busy (and Tired) Women

Young romantic couple in bed

Want to rekindle the romance in your relationship? Try these tips for when you’re busy, tired or simply just not in the mood.

1. Avoid an All-or-Nothing Attitude 

Many women will avoid any kind of sexual contact whatsoever when the thought of intercourse and orgasm seems like too much.  Don’t rob yourself or your partner of the joys of affection and sexual contact that doesn’t involve or necessarily end in intercourse or orgasm.  Without the pressure of going all the way, you might be surprised at an energy boost once you get going.

2. Shift Gears from the Day

Avoid trying to go right from work, kids, laundry or email directly into bed for sex.  Try to create a buffer zone where you can distance yourself from your daily activities and responsibilities and connect with your body prior to sexual intimacy. This means stop thinking and start using your senses.  Anything that gets you out of your head and brings your attention to your physical senses will do.  It doesn’t necessarily have to be “sexy,” just sensual as in sight, touch, smells and taste. The key element here is attending to your physical senses, not just going through the motions.

3. Do Something Sex-Related 

Making a point to talk about sex or doing something related to sexual intimacy by yourself or with your partner that doesn’t involve physical touch can enhance your sex life over the long run.  Start simple, like having a sexy chat about what you’re going to do to him the next time the kids are gone and you do have some time and energy. Reminisce about a particularly sexy and enjoyable experience that you had in the past.  You don’t have to actually muster up the energy to do much at all.