3 Ways to Great Brows For Life

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If you don’t err on the side of full brows, you’ll likely have little left as you age. Why? Repetitive tweezing can lead to permanent hair loss. If you pluck the same hair over and over again, it can cause inflammation that creates scar tissue, which acts like cement that won’t allow the follicle to grow anymore.

Stop, says science! Your brows aren’t immune to aging and will naturally thin as you get older, making full brows a sign of youth and therefore, the most evolutionary beautiful. Sparse brows can also signify health problems, such as thyroid disease or a hormonal imbalance.

Thankfully, the “it” brow of the moment is big and beautiful, thanks to the popularity of model Cara Delevingne. Here are three tweezing tips to coax out your inner Elizabeth Taylor and preserve the health of your brows:

Only Tweeze Strays
Embrace the shape Mother Nature gave you, and simply tweeze errant hairs. If you’re not sure what qualifies as a stray, use brow expert Elke Von Freudenberg’s rule of thumb: “To keep brows as full as possible, only tweeze hairs that are not touching the main brow in any way,” she says.

Stick to a Schedule
Resist the urge to pluck emerging hairs constantly, and instead commit to a regular “clean up” session that depends on your personal rate of growth. And don’t over-tweeze in an attempt to get brows to come back in at the same rate. Brow hairs all grow in different cycles—sometimes when you pull a hair, the next cycle still has to start because the hair was from a previous cycle.

Deal With Regrowth the Right Way
Use a highlighter pencil or a concealer lighter than your skintone on the brow bone to separate the eyebrow from eyeshadow. It not only accents bone structure attractively, but it also hides the hairs beginning to poke back through that often drive us to over-pluck in the first place.

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