3 Yoga Postures for Better Sex

Improving your love life, without spending a ton of money or suffering from the side effects of medications, is as simple as a few daily yoga poses.

Flexibility, strength, good circulation, and a stress-free mind are key ingredients to better intimacy for both men and women. A poor libido can be the result of blockages in your body and mind that are easily removed through yoga. Incorporating a few simple stretches before bed not only puts your mind at ease, but it will also warm up the body, loosen up your joints, strengthen your abs, and tone your muscles. The cumulative effects are an increase in your vitality and sexual energy.

The three postures described below are each held for at least five deep breaths, thus slowing down the speed of the mind and bringing the body into a deeper state of relaxation. For each posture, you want to focus your awareness into the part of the body that is being stretched. When you bring your awareness to one part of the body, energy begins to move there. When the mind is calm and the body is relaxed, you can better enjoy the intimacy of making love.

Cobra Pose: This posture is excellent for opening up the chest, which increases your ability to breathe deeper. It also gets more circulation into the lower back and abdomen, two vital areas during intercourse.  This yoga posture can also help to cure existing sexual problems, such as erectile dysfunction. Start by laying face down on the mat. Place your palms onto the floor, in line with your chest. Place the tops of your feet flat against the floor and tuck your tailbone down as though you wanted to put it all the way into the ground. Start by raising your chin and lift your chest up slowly while you inhale. Go only to where you feel comfortable. The shoulders should be up and back so that your shoulder blades are trying to touch. Bring your awareness to your naval area and take five deep breaths. Then slowly lower yourself down while you are exhaling until your face is down on the mat again.

Forward Bend: This posture balances the cobra pose; it opens up the lower back, lengthens the spine, and stretches the legs. When the spine is lengthened, it is easier for your body to distribute energy to all of your organs. Flexibility in the legs also enables greater range of motion.  This posture also reduces stress, anxiety, depression, and fatigue by relieving tension in the spine, neck, and back. Begin with your feet hip-width distance apart. Spread your toes and grasp the ground with your feet. Flex your quads and tuck your tailbone in. Raise your shoulders up and back. Take a deep breath in and then, as you breath out, reach down toward the ground. Stop at about 90 degrees and place your hands on your knees. Take another deep breath in and elongate the spine. Next reach for your toes, allowing your neck to completely relax. Take five deep breaths here. On the last inhale, slowly raise your torso back to 90 degrees and place your hands on your knees. Exhale in this position and on the next inhale bring yourself back to a standing posture.

Cat-Cow Pose: This posture combines two poses that incorporate movement with your breath. It increases flexibility in the spine, improves circulation, stimulates the digestive tract by massaging the organs, and reduces tension in the neck and shoulders. Begin with your knees on the ground and place your hands down on the ground in front of you. Your knees should be directly below your hips and your hands should be directly below your shoulders. Start with your torso straight and, as you take a deep breath in, raise your chin and arch your back downward. Next breathe out and allow your back to arch up into the air as far as it will allow as your head relaxes all the way down. Breathe in and repeat the two positions for five full breaths. Each movement is with the breath. This posture invigorates the body and helps to nourish the spine.

A more fulfilling experience in the bedroom can start with just a few simple yoga postures with your partner. There is a reason that millions of Americans do yoga every day – it works!